Homemade popcorn vs the prepackaged stuff

Here’s a simple way to be green and smart! It’s almost as easy to make popcorn the alton brown way as it is to open up a prepackaged version. and much less expensive. and it looks greener to me. Here are the recipes and links to why:

Alton Brown’s recipe
Don’t actually have to use the staples, just fold the bag over a couple of times.
Also, you don’t have to use oil or salt if you don’t want – can just put popcorn in the bag if you’d like.

Microwave popcorn in a bowl

Info on store-bought prepackaged microwave popcorn:
It’s in the microwave popcorn, not the Teflon pan
Preliminary FDA data suggest that eating microwave pop corn may expose people to chemicals that break down to produce PFOA, a suspected carcinogen.

Missouri Factory – butter flavoring causes rare lung disease

update: http://www.butterflavoringlunginjury.com/

butter flavoring lung disease in the news:

On Staples in the microwave

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