Mamra with Puffed Kamut

Puffed kamut with spices in a saucier

Though today was supposed to be a non-cooking day for me (honestly, I need more of those) – with a teen and tween eating us out of house and home, it’s really hard to end up with leftovers and I’m not one to deny my family extra helpings of healthy food when they ask.

When my youngest came into the kitchen this morning looking for a snack, I was grateful I remembered to buy some puffed kamut. We order from Whole Foods and though they’ve been out of puffed rice (at least when I’m ordering), I decided to give this a try because it’s so quick.

Years ago, a wonderful woman from India taught me how to cook many tasty, healthy (ayurvedic) dishes, but once kids came along and were old enough, I’d see her making treats just for them (like chapati rolled with jaggery – omg, sugar sandwiches?! Lol). This one she just called mamra. Heat a little oil, add black mustard seeds, when they pop, add turmeric, a little salt, then add the puffed rice (corona-replacement: puffed kamut), mix, add more salt, some/a little red chili pepper/cayenne, mix for a couple of minutes, serve in bowls where they cool very quickly. Even my no-spicy-foods tween loves this.

I have no idea what the amounts would be except to taste.

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