Week 1: Meal Prep & Social Isolation

We took the suggestion to have 2-3 weeks of food rather seriously. We have a big fridge because we have 2 boys at home – a teen and a tween that can eat their weight in protein, then carbs, then protein again. Yesterday, as we finished our first week of social distancing and then isolation, I’m looking back and assessing what I’ve done.

I have had a 3-pronged approach: first week we eat greens and delicate veg, 2nd week we eat the less delicate veg, 3rd week root veg.

Except I miss fresh kale. Already. We *just* ran out and I’m already frustrated with all the people I see out and about and posting about going to the grocery store and I can barely justify it when all i want is kale. sigh.

The potatoes have started growing, so we had to create a make-shift root cellar, but many need to be cooked now. I’m thinking of freezing gnocchi. I’d better get started!

Here are some highlights from this week in food.

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