Week 3 was a Blur

This was a tough one – it was a blur as we were living through it and I have trouble remembering much more than the isolation catching up with me, ire with how this is being handled, and the utter frustration with how many people weren’t physically distancing… We’re cooped up for 3 weeks and there were still so many people acting like nothing had changed.

Thankfully, I took a few photos to remember what we’d done. Spent a little time at the new house, picking more daffodils, looking at other plants popping up… grabbed a few more garlic mustard greens… decided I don’t like hairy bittercress… We didn’t have many dandelions to forage… There are so many purple plants in the lawn: we’d had crocuses, then ground ivy, vinca, and violets.

This was the week that we had to start ordering a few groceries. We were lucky to have our local CSA provide fresh veg and dairy delivery – and they’re so gracious and amazing. I have to admit, it was nerve-wracking, and dealing with each order still is, but I can’t imagine going through this without them.

I think this was the week that the anxiety started get the better of me.

I was trying to ID this… Still not sure. Mugwort? Cow parsley? Doesn’t smell like anything. hmm…

And i’m thinking that spider mites are eating my chives. What funny little bites.

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